Core Image with Face Detection and Image Filters

Adobe Air Native Extensions

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The FULL native iOS Core Image framework is now available to you as an AIR Native Extension with face detection and image filters. You can easily detect faces in images or live video in real-time from the camera, and apply filters to any image. You can even combine the two features and apply filters to the face areas in an image.

The iOS Core Image native extension comes with 90+ built-in image filters such as blurs, color adjustments, color effects, image blending, distortions, just to name a few. And applying a filter is just one method call. It's so easy that Instagram (the image filtering part) can be done with only a few lines of code.

With the face detection feature and its convenience utilities in the iOS Core image ANE, you can quickly embed a preview video of the camera to your app or game, and change/rotate your view according to where the user's face is at. Imagine changing the perspective of your game when the user moves left and right. This provides a more interactive user experience.

The high-level API is extremely easy to use, but if you need more advanced functionalities, you can use the low-level API, which comes with 30+ classes and 240+ methods.

Important Note: This ANE supports iOS, and implements the FULL iOS Core Image framework.

Requires iOS 6.0 SDK to build, but it can be used with iOS 5.0 and up on devices and iOS Simulator. Some functionalities are only available on iOS 6.0 and later.


  • High accuracy face detection in images
  • Fast face detection in live video in real-time from a camera
  • 90+ built-in image filters that can be used in images and videos
  • Convenience utilities to easily read images from CameraUI and CameraRoll and auto-rotates according to orientation in image EXIF data
  • Camera preview video sprite that auto-rotates according to the orientation of the device; fixes the problem that AIR captures only in landscape mode on mobile devices
  • Concurrent methods for detecting faces and filtering images asynchronously
  • High-level API for easy usage.
  • Low-level API with 30+ classes and 240+ methods for advanced functionalities.
  • Full ASDoc for all classes and methods.
  • Complete sample code to jump-start your next great app/game!

What's New in Version 1.2:

  • Added FaceDetector.detectInImageAsync() to detect faces asynchronously.
  • Added ImageFilter.renderAsync() to render images asynchronously.
  • Fixed ImageFilter to work with filters that take no arguments.
  • Fixed CameraRollExport class stability issue on newer devices.

What's New in Version 1.1:

  • Added CameraRollExport class to export large images and also to PNG format.
  • Added useAsyncForVideo property in FaceDetector to increase responsiveness.