Adobe Air Native Extensions

$9.99 $20.00

The FULL native iOS iAd framework is now available to you as an AIR Native Extension including banner ads on iPhones, iPods, and iPads, and full screen ads on iPads.

The iOS iAd native extension allows your app to easily integrate with Apple's iAd network for displaying ads and generating revenue from your app or game.

Important Note: This ANE only supports iOS 4.0 and later.

Requires iOS 6.0 SDK to build, but it can only be used with iOS 4.0 and up on devices and iOS Simulator.


1. Add the ANE to the project and package for iOS.
2. Point to the iOS 6.0+ SDK in Package Configurations: Example:


3. Check if the ANE is supported on the current platform:

var supported:Boolean = iAd.isSupported;

4. Create or get the singleton:

var iAd:iAd = new iAd();


var iAd:iAd = iAd.instance;

Banner Ads:

1. Initialize a banner ad to be shown on the bottom of the screen, but listen to events first:

iad.addEventListener(iAd.BANNER_LOADED_EVENT, function(e:Event):void {
    iad.showBanner(); // show banner immediately when it's loaded

iad.addEventListener(iAd.BANNER_ACTION_STARTED_EVENT, function(e:Event):void {
    trace("user tapped the banner ad");
    // pause game or other app activities here

iad.addEventListener(iAd.BANNER_ACTION_ENDED_EVENT, function(e:Event):void {
    trace("user is done interacting with ad");
    // resume game or other app activities here


2. You can call initBannerForTop() for a banner ad on the top of the screen. Only one banner is shown on screen at a time.
3. You can also listen to the BANNER_LOAD_ERROR_EVENT event for errors.

Full Screen Ads:

1. Initialize a full screen ad, but listen to events first:

iad.addEventListener(iAd.FULL_SCREEN_UNLOADED_EVENT, function(e:Event):void {
    trace("user is done interacting with ad");
    // start next level of game or resume other app activities


2. Show full screen ad in-between levels or natural stopping points in your game or app:

if (iad.isFullScreenReady()) {
} else {
    // start next level immediately here because full screen ad is not loaded

3. You can listen to other full screen events if you need to know when it happens.