Newsstand Kit

Adobe Air Native Extensions

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The FULL native iOS Newsstand Kit framework is now available to you as an AIR Native Extension.

The iOS Newsstand Kit native extension allows your app to integrate with Newsstand in iOS 5.0 and later, including creating new issues and downloading them.

Important Note: This ANE only supports iOS 5.0 and later, but does not include other Newsstand ecosystem components required to release and manage Newsstand issues on a server. Please consult the iOS Newsstand Kit Framework Reference for more details:

Requires iOS 6.0 SDK to build, but it can only be used with iOS 5.0 and up on devices and iOS Simulator.


- Integrate the FULL Newsstand Kit with your app.
- Available in iOS 5.0 and later.
- High-level API for easy usage.
- Low-level API with 27+ classes and 170+ methods for advanced functionalities.
- Full ASDoc for all classes and methods, and simple usage info to get you started.

What's New in Version 1.1.0:

- Changed to return a NSURLConnection object,
which you can call cancel() or the newsstandAssetDownload property
to get the NKAssetDownload object associated with this download.
- Added UIApplication.applicationIconBadgeNumber property.
- Added UIApplication.setNewsstandIconImage_() method.

What's New in Version 1.0.1:

- Fixed URLConnectionDownloadProgressEvent not sending correct byte counts.